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5 Mar 2016:

I now see the shape of doorways in my recent paintings and prints many of which are in an elongated rectangular form. My first experience of a residency at Dumfries House in November 2015 has been a highlight of the course so far. The calm athmosphere with no distractions stimulated an intense period of making and helped me clarify my thought processes and my making of work. Inevitably I was drawn to the beautiful rough wooden tables in the studio, especially the long trestle and i spent several enjoyable days making direct prints of these on Japanese paper which I am  now developing in a variety of ways.

The studio environment in the Tontine, surrounded by a great group of artists is an exciting place to make work and gives me plenty of opportunity to reflect on what I am trying to do. Presenting my work to others concentrates the mind and inevitably as I prepare what to say I come across previous thoughts and forgotten projects that still have a link to the present. Some time ago when thinking about the creative process I wrote the following paragraph:

"So in the creation of a work of art, however transient the personal reward, we give substance to an empty space and create a framework for absence. We also create an image that may reflect and absorb our thoughts and feelings. At the same time the work becomes a literal and metaphorical screen separating us from an empty space."(AS

Much more to come .....

  hand printed wood grain on paper on cork

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